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Turman  Natural Red Oak  3.25" (3 1/4") T-323 Harwood Flooring

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This is a ¾ x 2-¼ solid red oak hardwood by Turman Hardwood. Turman is not a mainstream company so most of you have not heard of them, but we have sold over ten thousand feet of their Cabin (Tavern) grade (unwarranted) products with no callbacks.
      The Turman finish is “one-of-a-kind.” Not only is the gloss much higher than any other hardwood that we sell, but it also feels smoother than any other hardwood that we sell. If you purchase this product, expect to find a very straight, well-milled wood with a good variety of lengths and colors.
      Turman floors have a more than usual amount of mineral content (dark streaks) and knot impressions (not Knot holes) than most of the hardwood that we sell. For most, that’s not a bad thing. The overall appearance is a colorful, rustic looking floor. Those that have wanted that rustic look have usually had to resort to a #3 grade of wood that had a lot of waste and short boards.
       This wood is beautifully milled and is a pleasure to install with its quality milling and very good variation of lengths. We have sold and installed about 8000 square feet of this particular lot of wood with no issues. The feedback from the customers has been very positive.

Below are the specifications

Mill/Manufacturer:          Turman
Style:                                Solid Oak Flooring
Product code                  T-223
Color/Item:                      Natural Red Oak

  Color:                             Natural red Oak
  Wood Species:             Red Oak
  Warranty:                       Unwarranted cabin grade
  Width (inches):             2 1/4
  Length:                          Random
  Thickness:                     3/4
  Installation Type:         Staple / Nail
  Edge Type:                   Eased edges/square ends
  Finish:                            Urethane
  Product Ply's:                1 Ply
Sq. ft. per Box:  18.0


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